Emblematic building in the center of Monreal del Campo. It consists of 6 floors plus a basement. On the first 3 floors is the old cinema, which was unique in its time, which is in its original state, from the '60s, and also management offices, toilets that were used for spectators and meeting rooms. On the ground floor, with large windows, there is a commercial premises, which in its time was the bar-restaurant of the cinema. On the fourth and fifth floors there are 2 apartments, one per floor, each measuring 230m² and the top floor is open plan, to make a large loft-style home. The building was built in 1960, and was a pioneer in its time. It is a fabulous project for an investor, who likes the seventh art, to restore the cinema and modernize the homes. The film industry is one of the great pillars of today's society. But you can also create other projects, such as an art gallery, exhibition halls, etc... or even convert the building into a hotel or residential building.

Main features:

  • Emblematic building
  • 1,736m²
  • 6 floors
  • Basement
  • Shop
  • 3 Floors for the Cinema
  • Dispatches
  • Warehouses
  • 230m² apartment on the 4th floor
  • 230m² apartment on the 5th floor
  • Open loft on the 6th floor.
  • In the heart of Monreal del Campo

Location: Monreal del Campo, Teruel, Spain

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